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Jenna Downing Pro Skate

Arguably one of the most deserved pro skates to ever come out, the Razors Jenna Downing Pro SL Skate is an amazing symbol of success and achievement for Jenna. Over the course of her skating career Jenna has won just about every major competition there has been, from X-Games medals to World Championship titles, she has won it all. One of Jenna’s biggest supporters throughout her skating career has been Razor Skates, who decided to reward Jenna for all her hard work and commitment to the sport by giving Jenna her own pro skate.

One of the best things about having your own skate – designing it! Jenna worked with a skilled  design team to ensure the skate looked just the way she wanted. From the type of boot mould to the liner and wheels, everything has been designed to compliment Jenna’s skating style and personality. The skate of choice for Jenna was a simple one: the Razors Super Light (SL). After many different variations of the skate, the final design was put into production.

Breast Cancer Ribbon

Breast Cancer Care

During the process of designing the skate, Jenna suffered from a Breast Cancer scare and decided that she wanted to draw awareness to the dangers of Breast Cancer that affect women across the world. This has been symbolised by having a pink ribbon on the side of the skate. However, Jenna didn’t want to stop there as she has agreed to donate 100% of the profit she would make from this skate to Breast Cancer Care to help support their continued research.

Profits to Breast Cancer Care 100%


Razors Super Light (SL) Boot

Super Light boot technology has been used in the development of the Razors Jenna Downing SL Pro Skate. This lightweight design removes all excess plastic that is found in traditional skates to give it a ‘Super Light‘ design. Having a light skate is very important when performing tricks in Aggressive Inline Skating as this allows you to jump that little bit higher and spin that little bit quicker. The entire base of the SL boot has been removed without compromising on structure and using engineering skills perfected by Razors over many years of development, this has allowed them to combine the boot into the soul plate! This revolutionary design makes the Jenna Downing SL Pro Skate the perfect skate for any skaters that want to ride one of the lightest and strongest skates on the market.
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Weight Reduction 85%
Grinding Speed 90%
Ankle Support 82%
Flexibility 92%
Wheel Performance 89%



Jenna Downing Pro Wheel 57MM/88A

Jenna’s Skate even comes fully equipped with her own Razors Pro Wheel which is moulded on her favourite urethane mix and dimensions.

The wheel sits at 57MM wide with a durability of 88A made from the highest quality black urethane to give you that perfect ride whether your’e skating park or street. The wheels come fully loaded with Titen ABEC 9 Bearings, a super fast bearing to help you get up those ramps and get the speed you need. And even the bearings are purple to colour coordinate with the skate!

Letting wheels settle after they have been poured is an important part of the wheel making process and we made sure to let these wheels cure for a long enough time to make sure you have an enjoyable skate with no unexpected surprises.

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All profits Jenna receives from this skate are being donated to Breast Cancer to help support Breast Cancer research.

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