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Youth Sport Trust

Youth Sport Trust

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Jenna is an Athlete Mentor for the Youth Sport Trust and works on many of their programmes in a bid to inspire young people to achieve their potential in sport, the main one being Sky Sports Living for Sport, however she has also worked on the following: Matalan Your Activity, PE Change Teams, Young Ambassadors, Girls Active, and many more.

What is the Youth Sport Trust?

The Youth Sport Trust is an independent charity devoted to changing young peoples’ lives through sport.

They have an extensive range of programmes and initiatives; sport and education resources; events and continuing professional development programmes, as well as a school Membership scheme, which are all created to achieve the best possible outcomes for young people.

The specialist staff at the YST work closely with all schools (primary, secondary and special educational needs) and a range of partners including National Governing Bodies of Sport, corporate partners and Government to get even more young people involved in PE and school sport.

To find out exactly how the YST can help you or how you can use the power of PE and school sport to change the lives of your young people, please visit the website.

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DKH Legacy Trust

DKH Legacy Trust

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Jenna is an Athlete Mentor for the DKH Legacy Trust and works on many programmes ran by the Trust.

One of the most rewarding programmes Jenna has ever worked on is Get on Track. Supported by a range of partners, ‘Get on Track’ aims to provide disadvantaged young people with the chance to enhance their confidence, self belief and employability skills. Other programmes Jenna has worked on in her Athlete Mentor role include: London 2012 Young Leaders Programme, AQA Unlocking Potential, National Citizen Service, Aspiring Minds, Young People Re-engagement Programme.
What is the DKH Legacy Trust?
Dame Kelly Holmes wanted to create a legacy from her athletics career that would benefit the young people who look up to, and are inspired by elite sports performers like herself. 
Having seen first hand the difference that world class sports performers can make to kids’ lives, Dame Kelly set up her own charity, the DKH Legacy Trust. Its mission is to get young lives on track.
Uniquely, every young person that the Trust supports has the chance to work with, be inspired by, and learn from the experience of world class sports stars. Our world-class athletes mentor and support young people across the country through a range of our personal development programmes. Our Olympians, Paralympians, and world champions know what it takes to overcome adversity, and still have the will to succeed, not only in sport, but in life too.
Across our programmes, our athletes inspire, motivate and support young people. They engage, enable and empower them to go on to make positive changes in their own lives.
As well as the lives of young people, the DKH Legacy Trust is also committed to supporting athletes, whether they are still competing, retired or […]

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21st Century Legacy

21st Century Legacy

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Jenna is a Special Speaker on the 21st Century Legacy ‘Be The Best You Can Be’ programme. As a Special Speaker Jenna’s role is to inspire and motivate the young people to be the best they can be in whatever they do in life, and Jenna does this by using her own personal story that demonstrates success and hardship. Hard work, determination, setting goals, having dreams, overcoming obstacles, never giving up, and finally self-belief are key themes that run throughout Jenna’s story.
What is 21st Century Legacy?
21st Century Legacy is a Charity founded by Dr David Hemery CBE as an Educational Legacy to go beyond Sport and beyond 2012 to help fulfil a Bid promise that the London 2012 Olympic Games would be an inspiration to the youth of Britain and the rest of the world.

The Vision of the Charity is that all young people are enabled to achieve their full physical, intellectual, social and spiritual potential as responsible individuals, citizens and members of their communities

21st Century Legacy’s Mission is to inspire and engage young people through the ‘Be the Best you can Be!’ Programme to discover their unique potential and empower them to pursue and fulfil their dreams.

In 2010 the Be the Best you can Be! Programme was launched nationally for Secondary Schools.

In 2011 the Programme was developed for Primary Schools, piloted for Looked-after Young People (in a non-School setting) and also adapted for Special Schools.

Since September 2011 over 93,000 young people in Primary and Secondary Schools across the UK have engaged in the Programme.
How can I sign up?
If you work at a Primary or Secondary school and are interested in finding out more about the programme please visit the 21st Century Legacy website here.