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Jenny Logue’s visit to the UK

My best friend and sister Jenny Logue recently was over from Australia visiting friends and family so I was thrilled that she decided to come up and stay with me for a few days. We decided to reunite with the legendary Jagger brothers for a meal and a catch up which was awesome as the Jaggers and Jenny played such a huge role in my life growing up and have been massive inspirations to me. And of course we had to get a skate in at Rampworx whilst Jenny was over!

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Razors Unders Jam – Unit 23 Skatepark, Glasgow

On the 1st June I went up to Glasgow to support the Razors Unders competition at the brilliant Unit 23 Skatepark. It was great hanging out with my Razors buddies Chaz Sands, Scott Quinn and Rosie O’Donoghue and skate the park. The contest went off and I was so proud of my favourite little girl skater (and my mini me!) Aelrid McKay who got 3rd place in the Under 10s competition! Congratulations go out to Razors flow rider Jack Mckell for taking 1st place in the overall competition and a big well done also to Quinny for organizing such a great event for the youngsters! I’ll be back up at Unit 23 in August for the Razors open competition, can’t wait!

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David Beckham joins Sky Sports Living for Sports Programme!

Global superstar and footballing icon David Beckham has joined the programme that i work with in schools across the UK, i am super excited about Beckhams decision to support Youth Sports Trust.
“I’ve always been passionate about the importance of sport in the lives of young people. It’s not all about winning; just getting involved in sport gives you confidence and skills for life. I was lucky to have some amazing role models when I was younger, and I’m excited about the opportunity to work with Sky to pass on some of that knowledge to the next generation.” David Beckham

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I was recently interviewed by the very popular website. these guys do a great job at showcasing Inline Skating or Blading in the correct light. Check out the full interview here.

Jenna Downing has been a professional blader since she was just 12 years old. She is the raining LG World Tour Female Champion, 10 x British Champion and is a X-Games silver medallist. As if this wasn’t enough she has picked up more sponsors than we can count and works for some of the biggest sporting organisations on the planet! We managed to catch up with the extremely busy Jenna Downing to talk Top 5′s.

Top 5 reasons to start blading?
– It’s fun
– Great way to meet new people and socialise
– Keeps you fit (without knowing it!)
– Great for releasing stress and overcoming challenges
– Because it’s an individual sport it allows personal progression therefore feels more rewarding

Top 5 best things about living in Liverpool?
– Rampworx!
– Awesome city with always something crazy going on
– Friendly people
– Fun night out
– Shopping


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I judged Laced 2013 at Rampworx!

I was asked to judge the prestigious Laced contest at Rampworx Skatepark in Febuary. The event was a great success with over 400 people in attendance and over 120 competitors from 13 different countries!! The contest ended up with the UK’s very own Nick Lomax taking 1st place in the pro contest.

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