I was recently interviewed by the very popular blading.info website. these guys do a great job at showcasing Inline Skating or Blading in the correct light. Check out the full interview here.

Jenna Downing has been a professional blader since she was just 12 years old. She is the raining LG World Tour Female Champion, 10 x British Champion and is a X-Games silver medallist. As if this wasn’t enough she has picked up more sponsors than we can count and works for some of the biggest sporting organisations on the planet! We managed to catch up with the extremely busy Jenna Downing to talk Top 5′s.

Top 5 reasons to start blading?
– It’s fun
– Great way to meet new people and socialise
– Keeps you fit (without knowing it!)
– Great for releasing stress and overcoming challenges
– Because it’s an individual sport it allows personal progression therefore feels more rewarding

Top 5 best things about living in Liverpool?
– Rampworx!
– Awesome city with always something crazy going on
– Friendly people
– Fun night out
– Shopping